‘Err Network Changed’ Error in Windows – Here is the Fix

Whenever i get the error showing ‘ERR Network Changed’ Unable to access network, in my browser i get frustrated because that stops you to proceed further. But later on i found the solution to this problem. So in this article I am going to share some of the solutions that will help you to get rid of this “ERR Network Changed”. Come on guys let us dive in to the solution… 🙂

‘Err Network Changed’

Reason for ‘Err Network Changed’ Error

  • DNS settings affected by any software.
  • Extensions added in the browser.
  • Using Proxy in your system.
  • Trying to frequently connect and disconnect the internet.

Solution 1

‘Err Network Changed’

Let us solve with this basic thing, first check the router or modem if you use it. Turn off the router or modem for few minutes. Leave them for  while and again turn it ON. This method seems to be pretty simple but trust me it really helps to solve this ‘Err Network Changed’ Error.

Solution 2

‘Err Network Changed’

At this method, just perform DNS flush which will help to get connection back.

Open the Command Prompt by pressing Win+R

And type the following command

This method will flush the caches, which restricts the network. And the ‘Err Network Changed’ error will be resolved.

Solution 3

If the above two methods, fails to help you then follow the below command prompt to get rid of this ‘Err Network Changed’ problem.

Open the Command Prompt (CMD), by using the following command

Press Win+R and type as cmd

And type the following command.

Solution 4

Sometimes LAN connection should automatically detect the settings, so that you can easily get rid of this ‘Err Network Changed’ problem.

Open the Control Panel and go to the below path,

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

Go for Control Panel by simply typing as “Control Panel” in the search button or press the Start button to search anything.

In the Control Panel you will see the Network and Internet Option available in it.

And from the Network and Internet option select the Network and Sharing Center.

'Err not resolved'

In that click the LAN Settings and select automatically detect settings and then click Ok.

Err Network Changed

Now try connecting to the internet and now this issue will be resolved.

Solution 5

Sometimes browser may play all this ‘Err Network Changed’ error game. Cant u believe me? But you have to, because caches in the browser may cause this problem.

Chrome User

  • Clear Data in the Chrome browser.
  • Open History in the chrome which is at the right corner of the window.
  • In that select the Clear Browsing Data and clear data.

Firefox User

  • Click on the Menu bar in the right pane of the window
  • Select the Cookies and Cache from the History bar and click Clear.


I am damn sure that any one of the method will surely help you to get rid of this ‘Err Network Changed’ problem. We will be happy if you leave your suggestion and comment regarding this post, please make a comment in the below comment box… Happy Solution 🙂

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