‘Kernel security check failure’ in Windows 10, 8-Here’s the Fix

‘Kernel security check failure’ this error makes you clueless sometimes. Because some other error like network error will not affect your system. But Kernel is the core part of our system. So sometimes it will become tensed by seeing this error. So today I am going to deal this problem. Find the different solutions listed below that will help you to get rid of this ‘Kernel security check failure’ error.

Kernel security check failure

‘Kernel security check failure’ Major causes

 At the major times, this error occurs due to corrupted programs.

  • Hardware sometimes causes these kind of problem, such as USB Bluetooth, Adapters, RAM stick will cause this problem.
  • Old outdated drivers will also result in this error.
  • Indirectly Antivirus also will cause this problem, when we install antivirus during this problem, BSOD errors are resolved.

Solution #1

Make it simple!!!

  • Yes guys at first, do nothing. This error will be temporary for some users.
  • So let it be, if your system restarts when you make second try.
  • Then all will be set. You are away from this ‘Kernel security check failure’.
  • So at my first solution, I just gave you an idea for less work.

Solution #2

Kernel security check failure

As I have listed few causes above, this error may be due to outdated programs or due to hardware failure.

  • So try to run the system in the Safe mode, if it goes well, then the problem is due to corrupted program or due to hardware.
  • So unplug all the hardware once to get rid of this ‘Kernel security check failure’ problem.

Solution #3

Kernel security check failure

  • As I said earlier, antivirus may also cause this problem, BSOB error occurs due to some antivirus.
  • So uninstall the antivirus that is present in your system.
  • This sometimes will cause magic in your system. BSOD error will disappear after uninstalling the antivirus.

Solution #4

Kernel security check failure

 Check whether you have old outdated drivers, so think of it.

  • If the problem occurred after the updating any drivers then make a roll back of it.
  • Always before updating any graphic card, update it completely. Don’t abort the update process.

Roll backup process

Kernel security check failure

  • Open the Control panel–>Hardware Sound.
  • Under the Device and Printers select the Device Manager, Find the device you have installed.
  • Right click on the device and select Properties–> Driver
  • And select the Rollback driver option and follow the instructions to complete the rollback process. After this try to log in to windows now ‘Kernel security check failure’ will be recovered.

Solution #5

Kernel security check failure

  • Updating windows to its new for will allow you to get rid of this Kernel security check failure.
  • Periodical update is available in Microsoft we can update our windows to latest version.
  • To check the about the available updates, move to Settings–>Update and Security–>Windows Update.
  • Check for any update available. And update the system.

Solution #6

Kernel security check failure

  • This is final solution, if nothing works then, we can perform Reset operation that helps to get rid of the Kernel security check failure. To perform reset operation follow the below steps.
  • Go to Settings–>Update and Security–>Recovery Reset this PC.
  • It will prompt you to next window, in that select whether to keep all files or delete all files, form keep all files or delete everything.

 I hope that I have added almost all the steps to solve this Kernel security check failure, if you find some other solutions related to this please mention them in comments we will honor it by adding the solution to our post. If you have any suggestions to this post, then please give comments in the comment box below.

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