[Solved Problem] Run Epson Adjustment Program on Windows 7

Some of the Epson adjustment programs in Windows 7 will not allow to run the software and it shows a warning Message as,

“Not Found DLL files”

“This Program will be shut down.”

Moreover, this is due to the Windows versions. Software designed for the lower version of Windows will not match (Compatible) for the upgraded versions like Windows 7 and more. In this article, I have listed some tricks to solve Epson Adjustment Programs due to the compatibility problems on Windows 7.

Quick Action!

In order to prevent run Epson Adjustment Program, you need to change your settings to compatible mode. Then just run the Software Resetter. Resetter for Epson T13, T60, T50 (EHK, ETT),  T10, T11  is here… This may help you to easily run your printer adjustment Programs.

When you unable to change your mode to compatible mode, In that case, You will faces some Windows errors.

Method 1: Run Epson Adjustment Program on Windows 7Epson Adjustment Program

Step 1: Click the Software Resetter and run it in the Windows 7.

Step 2: Executable of adjustment program named as “Adj.exe” or “Adjprog.exe”, right click it.

To download Adj.exe in rar format click here

Step 3: In the Properties, Click Select option.

Step 4: Now it is right in running this program in “Compatibility mode”.

Step 5: Now it will perfectly work. If the error message (DLL not found…) repeatedly appears, then reset your printer.

Resetter for Epson T13, T60, T50 (EHK, ETT),  T10, T11  is here…

Method 2: Reset Epson Printer

Step 1: Connect Printer to the PC and Turn On the Printer.

Step 2: Modify your Computer Date to 10/07/2007.

Step 3: Turn on “ AdjProg.exe” -> “Accept” option.

Step 4: Choose Adjustment Program to the desired Printer -> Waste Inkpad counter option.

Step 5: Check the process till it finishes by clicking the “Check” button.

Initialization process

Step 6: After checking, Initialize the Printer.

Step 7: Turn off the Printer and restart it. Your printer will now work perfectly…

Hope this post helped you to solve Run Epson Adjustment Program and to reset your Epson printer. Still having doubts, then just type below in the comment section…